Two Taken into Custody Following #justiceformishel campaign on Social Media

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Police Arrested 2 Person who followed Mishel recent times. The one is from Thalassery and a the other one is a student in Chennai. These 2 where taken in police custody following the revelation of Mishel friends. Also 2 persons following Mishel is seen On CCTV visuals from church.

Police closed this case as a suicide, as the post mortem report confirmed drowning to be the cause of death and there is no marks of any attack was found on her body. However the relatives are saying she is very bold girl and will not commit suicide.

Initially police or medias have no much interest to further investigate to find the reason for Mishel’s mysterious death until social media demands it. It is Nivin Pauly write first on social media demanding justice for mishel. Following everyone started talking for her.

Mishel Shaji Varghese, A young soul departs shockingly..Crushing the hopes and dreams of a family.. As the family cries for an investigation, lets support their fight for justice.. Our small voices might help and make a world of difference.. Wake up authorities, None of Gods children should die in vain.
Nivin Pauly

Mishel, A Chartered Accountant Student, Her Native place is Piravom for her education purpose she was staying on a hostel near Kaloor, Ernakulam. On Last Sunday March 5 evening Mishel left the hostel to a church and never come back. After 8pm the hostel authority inquired with relatives and filed a missing case in Ernakulam Central police station. Later on March 6 Evening her body was found drowned near the Ernakulam wharf, preliminary investigation by the police ruled out any possibility of an attack as there no marks was found on her body. The postmortem confirmed drowning to be the cause of death.

The CCTV camera of the church shows Mishel left the church as usual, and after she left the church and 2 person are following behind her raised some doubts and leads to the arrest now. Also Mishel Friends revealed about the one who misbehaved with her before.

The reason behind the mysterious death of Mishel still unknown.

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