Enthiran 2.0 Shooting is about to Finish

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Enthiran 2.0 Shankar Directorial is the second series of Enthiran which was a box office record breaking hit, have Rajnikanth and Aishwarya Rai in lead. In Enthiran 2.0 Rajnikanth, Akshay Kumar, Amy jackson are the lead charachters. A part from actors, Enthiran 2.0 also have many legends in technical department. Hollywood stunt choreographer Kenny Bates known for his works in movies like Transformers, Pearl Harbour and Die Hard is choreographing the stunts in 2.0, Legacy Effects, who have worked in movies like Avengers, Jurassic Park doing the animation sequences of 2.0. A R Rahman is composing the music while Resul Pookkutty is in charge of the sound design.

Enthiran 2.0 is the most expensive Indian movie as of now with a budget of 450 crore. The first schedule of the 2.0 was started on December 12, 2015. After extensive schedule of more than a year now the film reached its final stage of shooting. Director shankar mentioned that the shooting will be packed up after shooting some patch up scenes and a song sequence. The post production works of enthiran 2.0 are already started and will take a long 6 months to complete as the movie requires lots of VFX works.

Enthiran 2.0 is scheduled to release on Diwali this year in 3D. The movie is funded by Lyca Productions.

Rajinikanth as Dr. Vaseegaran and Chitti
Akshay Kumar as Dr. Richard
Amy Jackson
Sudhanshu Pandey as Bohra Junior
Adil Hussain
Kalabhavan Shajohn
Riyaz Khan

Directed by S. Shankar
Produced by Subaskaran Allirajah (Lyca Production)
Written by S. Shankar, B. Jeyamohan
Starring Rajinikanth, Akshay Kumar, Amy Jackson
Music by A. R. Rahman
Cinematography Nirav Shah
Edited by Anthony
Release date 18 October 2017
Language Tamil,Telugu, Hindi

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