About US

Q Entertainment media is a new chapter of our presence in online media, in more professional way to explore the new trends in online media. And to provide a open platform for the talents to showcase them. We started Facebook page Q Entertainment Media in July 25 2016, was first step of Q. Beginning of Q Entertainment was not so interesting as there were No followers, no likes for few months.. First I think about changing the name Q, feels it was not striking, & kept on experimenting finally coined turned my side, In an year I got 250000 followers, and millions of likes & reactions every month. it was awesome.. Now page have actors, directors, producers as followers & I’m happy to know they like my initiative. Even more happier to see the name Q ENTERTAINMENT MEDIA in big screen. until now I was part of around 20 movies.
Q Entertainment media official website launched on February 2017, and official android application on October 2017. (Now available on Android PLAY STORE     Online media is highly competitive today. only way to stay stronger and find success is by the support of our followers and their love. Q Entertainment media work for you, for your happiness, and love. Big Thanks for all..